Post-surgery purgatory…BRUTAL HONESTY!

I had weightloss surgery (gastric sleeve) in September this year, so today I’m currently sitting at almost 3 months post-surgery. I would like to state that having weight loss surgery absolutely & magically fixed my life…NOT! 

Here is what has happened to date…

When I was in the process of deciding for sure if I wanted to have surgery or continue losing weight without it (I lost a lot of weight pre-surgery), I sourced information from ALOT of blogs/vlogs from people who had already had surgery.

A common theme I noticed amongst the bloggers is that most people document what’s going on extensively (myself included) in the lead up to surgery day and then they kind of disappear for some time, only to pick back up again once they have lost 100+ pounds.

I found this extremely frustrating as I wanted more information on that “space in between”. From MY perspective, I totally understand why this happens now, why people withdraw (I will try to summarize from my point view, and expand on the points later):

  • EMOTIONS: Even though I had my anatomy SUCCESSFULLY arranged with surgery to maximize weightloss, my head was (perhaps is) still f*cked as far as self-esteem & all that shite. Surgery did not wipe out years of eating disorders & the rest of it! FACING THE EMOTIONAL CRAP IS HARD! 
  • FEELING LIKE SHITE: I woke up from my surgery feeling beyond sick. I’ve been through sea-sickness & morning sickness and the nausea I felt after the surgery was not even comparable. I felt like I was being punished!
  • THINGS DIDNT GO AS PLANNED: The nausea & dry heaving actually extended my hospital stay, which resulted in unforeseen medical expenses. Because of this & the fact that I couldn’t stop dry heaving I felt intense guilt & regret (SIDE NOTE: My period arrived 30 minutes before I ended up going into the OR…so there was that to deal with also!)
  • REGRET: for the entire first month post surgery I COMPLETELY regretted having the surgery. I felt betrayed by anyone who claimed weight loss surgery was wonderful & I HATED being around food because I still wanted to eat shite! And I felt f*cking hungry!
  • REALIZING THERE IS NO INSTANT GRATIFICATION FROM SURGERY! I did not wake up from surgery skinny & even though logically I knew this wouldn’t be the case it was disappointing to accept that there was still a lot of work to do. 

So here I am tonight, just a little bit further along from that apocalyptic first month. I am pleased to be able to report that I no longer regret having the surgery and I am starting to really see & feel the benefits of this surgical weightloss tool.

I feel very exposed posting my stats, but here they are anyway: I’m just shy of 5’10 & I currently weigh 194 pounds (size 12/L). Getting under 200 pounds was a HUGE milestone for me!!!

I need to double check but I think my weight on the day of surgery was 218 pounds? My health insurance required 6 months of documented weightloss PRIOR to having surgery and my first weigh in with my surgeon was 271 pounds…yep.

Things got much worse before they started to get better for me, but I am hopeful things will continue in the right direction.


20 thoughts on “Post-surgery purgatory…BRUTAL HONESTY!

  1. i noticed that, too- that many bloggers (especially) disappear for a long while after surgery. thank you for your honesty. i admit it’s scary to read being only 8 days out but so much of this journey has been scary and frankly i’d rather have a chance at living life than to continue to dig my own grave.

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  2. Don’t be scared by my experience!! plenty of people breeze through the surgery without even a hiccup!! I just wanted to share not to scare but just so others might not feel so alone if the surgery & recovery part isn’t so easy. Even with all the difficulty I would 100% do it again….it’s worth it. GOODLUCK 🙂

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  3. …that line the pockets of few yet cost the masses their health and dignity and lead to poor quality lives for many …cant thank the LCHF diet revolution movement enuf for getting me back on track to better health n weightloss.


  4. It breaks my heart to learn how people hafta suffer the trauma and expense of gastric bypass simply because of the misguided food guidelines we’ve been thought by the media…that line the pockets of few yet cost the masses their health and dignity and lead to poor quality lives for many …can’t thank the LCHF diet revolution movement enuf for getting me back on track to better health n weightloss.

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    1. I agree that the food system is completely corrupt & official nutrition guidelines seem to be geared more toward profit than health (so many good docos on this: food matters, that sugar film, forks over knives…). I had gastric sleeve surgery, not bypass, it’s a quite a bit different but I see your point here. LCHF is how I lost 50 pounds before surgery….I still went ahead with the surgery because I didn’t want to regain the weight & still had more to lose…I would have surgery again without hesitation! Well done on your weightloss 🙂

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  5. Uhm… I’m a little scared at the moment. On the other hand I’ve survived 4 c-sections, so maybe the surgery won’t be as traumatic for me. You’re right, no one talks about the actual recovery part of the surgery, so I’m glad you posted. I know it’s not a magic surgery but at 48 years old, being 5’9″ and 322 pounds with all the health problems that go with it, I feel like this is my last chance at an active life with my kids and grandkids. Thanks for your honesty!

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    1. Don’t be scared – I don’t regret it for a second, even with the hiccups!! So many people share that they breeze through the surgery & recovery so there is a good chance that might be the case for you too. I just wanted to share my experience so others know that it will be OK if that’s not the case…because the surgery does work – but for me it hasn’t been how I expected if that makes sense? I kind of can relate it to having a baby: you can mentally prepare & think you know how things are going to unfold, read every baby manual on the planet but at the end of the day no matter how much you prepare there is always something that will surprise you!


  6. OMG I was dry heaving non-stop after surgery! Here I was doing laps around the unit (blood clot prevention!) one hand on my IV pole the other had my green puke baggy, gagging the whole way lol. I had to stay an extra night because of that and my BP and heart rate were very high after surgery.

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    1. Isn’t it the worst!? That’s pretty much how it was for me too: Walking laps dragging the IV & the puke bag!! Awful!! I was completely unprepared for the dry heaving – I had only heard stories of what a breeze recovery is that’s why I really wanted to post my experience somewhere. Thanks for sharing I’m happy you got through it!!


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